Exceptional ease of use for clinical, sleep lab and home care applications

  • Simple operation


    The multifunctional rotary encoder serves as the main operating and alarming element. The proven menu structure is widely accepted and assures minimum training. The LC display is not only large: the high-contrast backlight enables a perfect visibility under all lighting conditions.

  • Ultimate battery performance


    Latest Li-Ion battery technology assures a mains-independent operating time of 20 hours minimum. Merged with its compact design, the sat 805 has unique advantages during mobile use.

  • Data storage and export


    Easy data storage and export is provided by means of a SD Card or USB. All monitoring data is transferred quickly, easily and safely to the PC reporting software in minimum time.

  • Innovative serviceability


    System updates may be carried out on-site. Modular component setup allows quick and easy repair within minutes.

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