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  • sat 801+


    The sat 801+ features pulse oximetry at its best: Masimo SET©. Plus: the brilliant multi-color TFT display ensures enhanced ergonomics. The full-size high-res plethysmogram is now also standard for our handheld models: no compromise.

  • Fully featured


    Full-size option in a handheld unit: intuitive menu operation enables a safe usage in the home care setting as well as quick configuration adjustments by experts in the hospital when time counts. On-screen trend analysis or quick access functions are small but important features.

  • Memory


    Comprehensive data storage is a the key requirement for substantiated clinical assessment. Data capacities up to 4 GigaBytes on SD cards provide an almost unlimited data recording. The USB interface offers a different choice for computer connectivity.

  • Joint features


    All Bitmos pulse oximeters are based on the Gold Standard Masimo SET©. They are designed to be easy-to-use in clinical routine as well as at home. Unique data transfer interfaces complete the set of innovative features of the sat 801+. Health, made in Germany.

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