sat 801Δ - Bitmos coined the name delta pulse oximetry

11/18/2013. Just in time to Medica 2013 Bitmos presents the sat 801Δ as the newest member of the Bitmos pulse oximeter family. The sat 801Δ was designed specifically for needs of screening for detection of serious congenital heart disease (CCHD screening). Using its two sensor terminals it is possible to simultaneously, quickly and safely determine the difference in value between pre- and postduktaler oxygen saturation of newborns.
The congenital heart defects are the most common malformation of neonatal, 8-10 of 1000 babies come with a heart defect on the world, which represents approximately 7-8000 newborns per year in Germany. The echocardiography as a first choice methode detects all heart defects with 100% certainty, but is not available everywhere and will be probably not used in the foreseeable future as a standard method. In contrast, pulse oximetry and thus sat 801Δ as a supplementary part of the newborn screening provides an excellent way to fill this diagnostic gap.

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